Butt, its free if ya pay the fee



Taxes (Photo credit: Tax Credits)


It’s all lost



   Or soon will be.



        There is
nothing free that does not have a cost.



             Is the cost worth what you lost?  it could be the cost of your liberty? Is this
new free worth the price you will pay?



Today I issued my complaint, yes, today a year in advance of
the dead-line. I told the powerful what I thought of the new health-care tax
forced on us by the man of piece this great orator Obama gift to the people of
the nation the National insurance which is free as long as they purchase it
from a company. And if not the compassion of the passionate in Government will
fine and jail them for not following the simple rules.






Yes, I am ahead of time for soon it will be far too late. I
picture soon the coming of men in riot gear, jack-boot thugs with guns now
ready, dressed in black faces covered as they attack, as we the people cower in
dread and fear, The law enforcement agency’s with warrants for arrest the
seizure soon will come a breaking down the doors and dragging the whole family
out.  Yes, soon they will be coming to take
away my child. Taking them away to place them in a jail, their horrendous crime
was failure to make good on the purchase of that thing they can not afford to
pay the mandatory fees for their free health-care.



The health care issue soon will be more than just a nightmare
and political ideal, Soon people will be homeless, children wards of the state
for their parents failure to pay the tax placed on them by the passionate left
side; those whose compassion does not run to deep, those who feel they know
what’s best for everyone for they sit in judgment far above the working people
they are the elite and they know what the people need.






Today I had a talk with someone in the State Insurance Commission
Office; when I pointed out you said it would be free, they replied Oh now sir
you misunderstood like all the other what the President and the Congress meant
when they said free. It  is not what they
meant, you will get a credit on your taxes, if you meet a certain set of
requirement, then you’ll receive some of the money back in a credit on your
taxes the following year for what you have spent. But if you refuse to purchase
the required insurance; well then you are in big trouble for you’ll be fined
and accessed much more than what you would have paid.



So you’re saying I must or else so I am being forced to pay
for something I may not use won’t use and do not need. Well you’re not forced to
sir, remember sir it’s been ruled a tax it’s just collected in a brand new way.


When we rebelled
against King George it was over a tax we thought was unfair. Now we have a tax
the working poor will be forced to pay causing them even more hard ship. 30
hours a week at 7 and 35 and all that and the next to pay for health insurance
minimum family plan is 356.16 for the working poor that is two weeks pay,
Companies they work force to close because they can not afford to do what is
decreed so more people out of work. This bubble like the Fannie May and Freddy
mack of the
Clinton era will burst, it is an amazing thing to see
people willingly enslaving themselves for something they were told was free but
is taking away their liberty. Yes indeed a tax to cover your health decreed by
the wealthy elite who get theirs for free….. I believe they have the peoples
number 47 plus the fringe who side with them…..and that is how tyrants take and
seize control because foolish people listen and see what they want but do not
hear nor see the truth..


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