Memories of

The Federalist Papers presented arguments in f...

The Federalist Papers presented arguments in favor of a strong connection between citizens and their congressional representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Emperor: One who gives orders on advice of councils (committees).
The male Sovereign, supreme ruler of the realm.

So we can assume that:

Empire: a group of people (Unions, social groups or life style orientation) or people (Angelo, African, Asian or Hispanic) who pledge their trust allegiance in this one person and his ways.
Supreme power vested in one.
In our Nation in our Republic We the people were give the right to decide. That right those powers were given to us not by government, but by WE the people when We set up Our government.
Today We the people are ruled by that same government we set up.
Today that government of the people by the people and for the people wants now to limit, take form us, and our posterity a hard-fought right, to keep and bear arms.
Today they claim this is done for our protection, our security, and will insure our safety, and quality of life.
Yesterday there once stood a nation and others who were told the same thing. They gave up their firearms gladly for they were weary of war. They were permitted by compromise to retain certain arms. Did their crime rate fall did murder stop? No, know it did not, it increased rapidly and became far worse.
Congress has written many laws with the House they have passed many of these which have been followed by States and local governing bodies.
However each has failed or in many instances has not been acted upon. Even our present Government has broken many of these laws in the name of justice causing the death of hundreds of innocent people.
There is a reasonable answer there is a responsible way to respond to this. It is not the gun but the user of the gun who needs to be addressed. Limits and more regulations will not stop the criminal they stand aloof they will get their weapons. You may ban clip size, you may ban a type, but it is better to add something to the buyer. A class a license as with law enforcement a yearly test if need be in responsible handling and care and storage of their weapon.
However it must be stressed that the criminal will not obey he or she will find a way to skirt the law bend the law for that is their way.
In the end its WE THE PEOPLE who is charged with how we wish to proceed for it is WE THE PEOPLE who is the Government not the one who issues the decree. Many more should read the Constitution and the Amendments with Their Bill of RIGHTS. You may be surprised at what you do not know and learn that you have been told much that is not true. I would add that the federalist papers the writings of Jefferson and Adams would be of great to for you will find they are miss quoted by the left.
We were once called a Republic of sovereign state where a small federal body made of men from those states took care of border disagreements and foreign affairs.
Today however we have an entrenched body of men and women who work behind the scenes for they are the hidden body which never changes. They guide those who we elect to ensure that we do what they wish.


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