Come we now

Advanced Spider, Order: Araneomorphs, Six-spin...

Advanced Spider, Order: Araneomorphs, Six-spined Spider (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following is a short re-telling of the fable so read it carefully

Come into my web says the spider to the fly, we can talk become friends, oh I will not lie to thee.

Now look around you, can You not see; I can not harm you nor do I have a reason to, your my friend you see.

So come my friend sit and talk relax enjoy and I will do for you all you ask of me. My reward oh do not ask it’s my pleasure don’t you see..

Enter does the foolish fly soon a foot is stuck , worry not my friend it’s for security;take no notice it done for you for your protection.   Come now just relax, enjoy, your safe just look around. But soon another foot, a hand are snared, the fly becomes aware. The Spider now aware his quarry it may fight back just smiles and talks so calmly a meticulous melody of verbs and nouns surround and calm the fly.  Oh my dear calm your self you’ve lost nothing in our exchanges you sit secure and safe, no predators can do you harm now or ever  again. The spider wraps up the fly ever so securely, the foolish fly is so tightly bound secure as he can be; all the while with a smile and a word  not heard the spider has deceived his prey and now taken his freewill away.

Thus the fly he struggles just a little bit,far to late he realized that what he took for a friendly smile was the grin of death,on the face of a deadly creature intent on his destruction. Oh the spider  it does now sing for it so enjoys its captive,  knowing he can feed on them and they came to him so gladly….Some came asking some demanding all swore their loyalty to him

They saw his web they heard his words and still they entered in gave up the freedom that they had.


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