DNC an oddity ( democratic national committee)

A DNC(simple definition: a cleaning of the uterus)
For you and me
To over throw the (our) Republic
To Replace it with one very small Committee (leaving out,you and me).

Once upon time not so long ago a DNC referred to a procedure that some women under went.

Now in polite society it was once said to be a ploy where by some odd twist of faith if a proper girl found her self in the family way;  she could go, could eliminate that minor little mistake. That is why, they celebrate the Roe over  Wade judicial case. There no longer was a need for the DNC. Now we fast forward to our day and today we see the new improved revised DNC. yes, it has come back; yes it is alive it thrives. A group of men and women have applied it to all aspects of our public and private lives, it invades the home the school and through misrepresented twists of public and private debate seek to change and force marriage  and its contract to be changed, they seeks to destroy the vestige of the first, as they take away our second. Those rights guaranteed to us from the first..

It seems they are operating on the internal structure of our nation; taking out those things which made us great what gave us strength, thus gave our Republic its support structure. The DNC now is ni the process of redefining  the very nature of what our freedom is, they have decided to elimate some of our personal rights. Yes, the country is under going a DNC which no one seems to have the ability to stop . We are told it’s not our right to disagree for the central committee knows whats best.
There is nothing Democratic when a small group of men and women by-pass the people will: to make rules  the House and Congress have not debated nor voted on but simply do what their party has chosen to do. So they tell the people of a nation what their Committee has decided they the people must do, for it’s their way or else you see. They are the DNC, some once called it by another name; the Communist Party is alive in the DNC of the USA. For our nation the Republic has and is being given a DNC by one political party.

Weakness the greatest strength


Oh my lord my god, My savior

I ask that you forgive me

extend your grace your love to me

protect me not from others

nor the  anger that does come

Protect me from my own pride

from my feelings of and in my self


all about me lord I see such horrid things now taking place

So I ask you to protect me not from men but from myself

My weakness is so great, my faith it waivers

Your grace it saves me yet again


I find It sad so many claims you

  so many  claim they follow you

   yet do such heinous things

So again I ask , instill in me your word

Place within my mind my heart my soul your way

my love for you is strong, yet my weakness it is there

Must this be my thorn to bear

I beg you now to keep

    those I love safe , for this to my weakness

My deep hidden fear for others, their rejection their disrespect

my greatest weakness is a loss of faith

Of being, of drawing back into the world

So again I bow

I ask for strength to understand 

Your strength to stand against my weakness


Oh my Lord My God to see you will be joy

Oh my God most loving to serve you is a joyful task

I ask you to forgive me Lord; to bless all those who I do not know

Their names and faces I do carry deep inside

I ask for all long life , happiness with your grace and love may they abide

I seek for all of these I know not; peace and joy for all time

I ask Oh lord my God most high for loves compassion for all mankind



One thought on “DNC an oddity ( democratic national committee)

  1. I join you in the struggle for the eternals truths which the Politically Correct crowd thinks it can overturn with a mere executive order. The battle is relentless and we realize that the victory may not be in this life, but in what matters — the eternal one. I’ll follow your blog as I believe our writings may complement each other!

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