Empty words come

Nary does a word now come
from the clan of four
Oh the silent viper
as it sit to contemplate
as it broods it plans

No mournful cry                                                                                                                                                                                                         For no none shall come
except the dreadful hiss
impending doom soon death
From the viper one must flee
from their backbiting way,now flee
flee before they eat the soul; away now go

Oh the vipers four
smiling widely as they do
a gaping hole of dreadful doom
is found behind their painted lips
perfumed bodies dreadful death
In their company one must not linger
Trust them not they promise lies
their word will bring you hurt                                                                                                                                                                              They not truth but spin lies
Oh the viper silent waits seeking so , so soon to take
Oh its poison oh so vile
rots the soul and takes the joy

these are the haunting memories
that keep away a restful sleep
greed averse and hate
bundled to look so sweet
lies deceit and dreadful hate
all so one soul joy and peace to take
Vipers hidden in white washed painted tombs
Viper hiding gloom bring doom


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