Something’s to consider
When we stop and look back at this last week we can learn:
1. There are men filled with evil among us, who appear as sweet kind and loving. Evil people who pretend to hold our values, evil persons who lie to attain position and this gives to them the ability to harm more.
2. There are men and women with political views, social ideals; who choose to blame defame then attempt to place the blame for the evil acts on those they disagree with. Not being able to wait and seek to find the truth these fool people blame political rivals who hold to different social desire.
3. First heard from the left was blame and to the lefts shame no apology for this hate filled slander of those who claim to follow Christ. Yes we heard the tired line that this was a right wing Christian conspiracy or the work of the tea party. The Tea Party has never attacked anyone but they have been vilified by the left.
These were the 3 negatives I took notice of. There were others when some on-line tried to blame race or the present government leadership.
Now why should we be proud?
4. We are blessed with men and women who place their lives in harm’s way to protect so many each day. And the people gave to them thanks when they heard the second of two had been taken.
It is a testament to the people that they did not blame curse or be wail and call for vengeance. Far from that they ran too picked up each other and now stand together. Those who say we are a nation of racist may well be right we as a nation love races and one more thing many who live for the past forget. You hurt one of US you hurt US all.
I must now say that my religion teaches two which are defined by ten and which come from the one true son. So many today talk of the circle of or Karma. Yet true wisdom is found in the word of God. There is a religion contending for the hearts and souls of the world that teaches vengeances is a thing that can bring glory to God. Mine faith says this is not so. I and others like me are commanded to bless and feed our enemies… Government takes care of the evil among us which allows us the real freedom to live as we do. Yes the past is important as a warning but we are more than that our children are more than that. But if we dwell on and accent all our differences then we take away from and what we say we want unity.
This past week persons or persons of ways known yet which can not be spoken of so in PLC are called unknown ways attacked innocent families as they enjoyed an event that was and has been inclusive of athletes worldwide this was an attack on America, but also the world. Has the world condemned America no they have once again shown compassion,, has a search been made for these monsters yes. Care is being taken not to reference certain names or hash tags for these people. more will follow may God have mercy as the American people show mercy to those who seek their harm.


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