To my readers

Boston Tea Party.

Boston Tea Party. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wish to say a special word to you who have taken the time to read and comment on my words. If you have read my work then you have an understanding of who I am and how I view this beautiful world we have been blessed with. It is not my job nor my intent to judge anyone for their choices and I expect the same in return. We all have a circles of friends who we can and do judge lets keep our judgments there and live as much in peace as is possible. We only pass this way once each human creature deserves to be respected and honored. We may not agree with a persons ideas or ways ,,but thankfully we live in a nation where we are still allowed at this point to speak openly and choose how we will live. And those rights those freedoms belong to everyone.

I have watched in recent weeks as events unfolded in Boston, we have heard the misguided words of the left and the sarcasm used while pointing a finger of hate rage and anger at the Tea Party. Yes a lot of hate came to light against the right. It brought  to light the double standard of the media and shocked the people almost as much as the Boston explosions. Have we as a nation sirummed to terror or have we risen above it to stand against it?

I say we have risen above it and will. There are many who will demand more laws and more control who will not acknowledge that these people belong to a religion that honors and glorifies death one which has leaders world-wide demanding more of the same.

So I offer this simple prayer for those hurting may God bless you, may he keep you and may his spirit of peace and love come upon you. I ask and pray in Christ‘s name amen


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