the end of lost beginnings

English: Charente Christian Cross

English: Charente Christian Cross (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even now as they gather
their petty grievances come forth
Each inside desires an honored place
each hopes to hold the title
Of the one most loved

the one most important

They in secret plot

they think they talk they feel
pointing out each others faults
rehashing all that memory holds

reshaping all the childhood civil wars
battles long-lost never won or lost

Wars to be forgot but not

no winner then as now
oh, if that patients were their virtue

for their anger has been with them

as welcome as an old friend

the friendship it did grow

yes, they were so patient

to hold it in such high regard

If only love inside them did abide
but battles they desire to win
so they fan the flames of selfishness
their personal desires stir and burn as fire
All consuming  deep with-in

while from the one they seek comfort

They hear the words depart from me

I desire no part of you

Or what you do

For  pity and love is not in you

We know this by what you do

We saw it in what you’ve done


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