With apologies

Francisco de Zurbarán - Christ on the Cross - ...

Francisco de Zurbarán – Christ on the Cross – WGA26051 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It may seem I beat a horse so it is with my most sincere apologizes I say again how long will we as a people commit murder on an industrial scale as we do? Some cynical liberal or progress will smile and then say so soon dead and gone, so lost it will be, for life and liberty are a fading thing in our Nation of today. Now the liberators of the left, these new Progressives as they say received a manifesto from the Communist party long, long ago go. Go to the site take time and compare, take some time to look and to read.

That is the irony of the times in which we live. we rely on others to tell us what our freedoms really are; then we look to others to decide if we need or do not need them any more.
In my home are many books with well-worn dog-eared pages with a litany of others long since gone away. I do not say this to impress, but simply to make this one small little point; all books have some value to some one, but there is one I value more one which defines clarifies and clearly in its pages dispenses wisdom to all for all ages.

I saw the tragic end of prayer in our school, yet I was blessed to attend one of the last. In a district in a state that once stood out  against the rulings of the new left and the progressiveness of the NEA and the courts. I saw first hand the wanton tragic loss of make love and not war. I heard the first utterance of separation of and have heard the rise of teaching of a god and way foreign to the people of the land.

I saw and see the after thoughts of the counter revolt to this day. The consequence’s  of those who sought to turn out. tune in, and turn on. For this is mans answer to those who seek their answers in the drugs the mystics of the east, who lie and lead so many innocent astray and then they cheered and applauded as they become far worse than they were at the start.

Yes, I have lived and I have seen; now this I have learned and that is: Man defines man draws lines and conveniently forgets or he will reject what once he held dearly to his heart if he feels he can but just look over into the abyss. No I have learned that there is none, no not one that is righteous, no not one, for all have sinned, all fall short; yes, my dear friend even I me myself.  The irony all mankind feels and say they are good and moral men. Except perchance one’s who seek the son of man.

I know that man will not stop the murdering of his children, it is enjoyed and justified it has the blessing of the leadership it makes many men and women quite wealthy. Besides it is now a right defined as good; now isn’t that a mockery of Gods law and way. When people who claim to believe and follow justify the murder of the innocent.  But I have asked and I will again who is the target group this right targets? Who receives the blessing of this new and often times used blight of a right for which they do fight so hard for? The inner city and its poor are encouraged to use these service; yes, you see white supremacies at work but maybe not. However the poor are ever with us are they not so how does the elite control such rabble? Pharaoh encouraged the matron to do murder, of young boys now isn’t that a hoot.

Today it is a money-making industry they market body parts and bits and pieces we are a nation of ghouls….


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