In the Mourning a little after

So the Admin has dropped its objections to the sale to our children of the mourning after pill. No longer needed is parental permission or advise. But if they need not the parent’s input or advise and are deemed responsible to choose to buy and use this drug which has in some horrific side effects such as coma and death.

Now I for one have a silly question not of cost ,but use. How many times in a month can a sexually active teen use this pill. Who will be responsible for over doses monitoring of the side effects. Who will console the grieving parents for the deaths which will result? When the time for the law suits come and they will as is always the case who will be sued? Yes, a right to murder or commit a form of unintended or perhaps intended suicide.

Who will pay, well the very people who the government and the advocates say have no right or say in the matter. The parent’s for the Admin will only hear of it on the news if the news chooses to report it if it impacts someone famous or quite wealthy. For the rest it’s all a crap shoot at best.


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