Never again

Fritz Wotruba: Mensch, verdamme den Krieg (Man...

Fritz Wotruba: Mensch, verdamme den Krieg (Man, condemn war, 1932), memorial for those killed in World War I (Belvedere, Vienna). The inscription says: Created by Fritz Wotruba in 1932 with Sauberger chalk as a memorial for the burial tomb at the war graves from the first world war at the cemetry in Donawitz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get the impression that never again does not mean never, but that it just means that never again.

 We see, we hear the world as a whole saying never again; then shouting out yes, never again.

But the meaning of those words this new Never again. It means now that we will not stand with the one against the many.

For Never

 Never again will we fight to preserver one small minority of people’s; we will do this in order to avoid a conflict.

Never again now means:

we will seek our peace at any cost, for never again!  Will we stop or stand for right or the rights of any sovereign people if those right causes conflict with our worldly brothers.


Never again will we tell the world no, Never again will we stand on our age-old moral principles, but we will join hand in hand with the world and condemn all who offend our worldly friends and the open all-embracing world view

 Yes, these past years have taught us much now in recent weeks we have seen many more condemn and many fail to condemn. On one side we know where they now stand, however on another the stand was carefully avoided the commitment was not made.

So the never again of the UN resolution and of the horror of the Second  world war is now replaced with toleration and a new tolerance which  implies never again will we boldly stand to enforce the rights or freedoms of the few in the face of the many who seek their harm and destruction.

Yes, never again seems to have as many meanings as the definition of is


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