English: Source: Secular state States with no ...

English: Source: Secular state States with no state religions States with state religions Ambiguous or without data (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday when we were young

We fought a bitter fight to gain our natural rights

Now it seems we are so willing to give it all away

For Freedoms is a bygone word

No meaning left in it at all

ounce it stood for truth and justice for all

And it was fairly applied to all

Now it’s in a fall

For we sing the praise of other newer words

And still newer foreign ways

We grab at tolerance with Toleration

We say they lead can the nation

For we the people are so willing now to lose

All those long hard-fought for ideals

all so we can now embrace the tolerance of the intolerant

Yesterday is gone and we have oh so much to lose

we once worshiped and sang  praise to a God so great and oh so good

Then one day a woman gave a loud and mournful cry

Why must I be forced by you in your arrogance and pride, to listen to your prayers

Which I do call a lie , I have my doubts, I really do not care

So the ten were thus removed from with-in our schools

and in the fifty years slowly now from every where

A set of simple rules which once did guide and teach were thrown out

The courts they sided on separation of church and state, so they sealed our nations fate

It is evil now and vile to say thou shall not do murder for that to is now a right

Oh how the country has degraded ,since we no longer teach; Love your fellow-man as you do yourself

So today thanks to our liberal reformers little and nothing is left of what we once enjoyed

Progressive ideals have taken full control thus everything we now do is for the man

We wrote a constitution and a bill of right

declared all men had these things we called God given rights.

We have for oh so long tried to ensure these for ourselves and posterity

that we now find them and ourselves in jeopardy

for the younger generations are far to concerned

with the me myself and I

so we see our decay

Oh the government which we the people did create

that which we created should be in fear of us

But the beast now instills a dread in us

And it is and has been removing those word and symbols

we once held high

To be replaced with ideas and things foreign to our fathers

what they fled and came to these shores here to reform

Oh the arrogance the willful self-pride of those who want our liberty to die


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