Glyder Fawr

Glyder Fawr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There once stood a stone, So mighty so strong

On it were written, Words we lived by

Words that were mighty, That made us so strong

Pointing and guiding our way

Life was idyllic, Then came a day

A crack it was found,  Evil men started chipping

who had their new ways,  started chipping away

Now they keep ever seeking away

so the rock the stone is being chipped at each day

more now is gone, For men  keep chipping away

just chip, chip, chipping away

we have heard these new expectations

these preconceived new ideas

so the rock once so mighty is crumbling away

Its evil the way they keep chipping away

just chip, chip a chipping , taking it away

once men did listen to the words that were written

They gave to us wisdom, respect ,and our order

for the words, were a guide a reminder to us

Of how fragile  how easily lost

was and is this freedom we have

But now we look and we seek after new way

so the stone of the rock must be taken away

any indication, any kind of inflection

to show just what direction

we should go in our chipping, chipping chip, chip, our chipping away

Many will join with the rest they will follow and join

Compromise is a big part of the new way

It allows for more chipping

bits and pieces , its chipping away

One day soon the change will be done

our rock like so many other things will be dust

for the chipping will stop for a short time

Balanced rock resting above lava arch near Par...

Balanced rock resting above lava arch near Park Lake in Grant County (Photo credit: UW Digital Collections)

until man he decides, he must chip out those that are different

so it is then that the chipping will commence, once again

They then thus will go, to those who did  favor the ten,  he who did say, I am what I am on that day

and it began the chipping the chip chipping away


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