Fire and brimstone

English: Icon of Jesus Christ

English: Icon of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For almost fifty  years now I have read the word; many things I have found these many treasures , much wisdom have I gleaned. But I have never found the hate, the rage, that fire that brimstone so many so claim is in there.

a campaign has been waged; so many  did claim; they found it, but did anything really now change?

what they found it verified the choices their way.  it fit a life style and their greed. So it’s here that I ask did they change? Did they visit the shut in, did they feed the poor, what of the needy that they knew. Did they help the poor orphan, the widow the lame?. Some they gave up ten percent of their disposable cash they, they went to a chapel of crystal or stone and listen as their leader invoked all the blessings they get if only they’d give they would get., but did they give of their time? their hearts or their soul? or simply play out a roll. So I must ask what is it that they really did find . For I found the Christ waiting for me in the book in his word.

some now do cry we need revile a fire and brimstone type teacher, someone to spark the fires and put the fear of God in these sinful men and women.

Do we need a good ole fashion revival one where the speaker preaches bout hells hot fir and brimstone. Does he need to tell them they will burn in pain in agony fer ever, but wait is that what is said or is that a tale from the Hellenistic times.

Those who reject the word, the way, shall be cast out, where wailing and fear prevail; in this darkness they await their last and final fate. For it is written: do not fear those who can kill your body( this can happen only once), but fear him who can destroy both your body and your spirit which is the second death. So those who feel those mindless wonders who joke and say my friends and I shall party while in hell you are so blind so deaf.

The fear of god is the beginning of all wisdom: fear being honor, respect ,awe and love.

So do we need hells fire or the truth of the cross? That a day or two ago in the way God counts time he sent his son to us. To us many things He taught, a man of sorrows for he  saw for he heard so few believed his words, clamoring ever for more proof when they held it in their hands. Many talk of his compassion his passion for the people he taught a way few now follow instead they seek rules and regulations.

If I were to preach I would preach the cross of Christ the shed blood of my blessed redeemer and the grace imparted to those who though faith believe for they who belong to him love their fellow-man. If you are his you will feed your enemy show pity to your abusers and forgive and forget as he did for you on that day two days ago at three or so in the afternoon when is said he ask the father forgive them they know not what they do.

No fire and brimstone we have way to much it found in the hate the anger and rage of those outside of the church but true love we have so little for man has focused on lust but the love that he needs he fears very much for love it gives, it never takes, love does not expect, it seeks the needs and meets them of all who are loved

We need a revival of love . fire we have but its GOD LOVE THAT WE NEED


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