Lost dream

After hearing the shameful call of the defenders of what I call murder; Cry hail Satin , I was shaken and ashamed for how could anyone who does claim the church of God of Christ in its many assemblies partner with and stand with this. I woke with many thoughts of which this is one…..

Random thoughts

Twilight last, before the Son
Comes now the saddest cry
Oh sweet land of liberty
How sad I am this auspicious day
Where once God, the Christ
We gave respect
We now hear the cry
In hallowed halls
Of hail satin

Men and women they contest
Over their right to do murder
Their children lives to take
True liberty it dies
It lay in state
Dies, lies

They sing their praise
To the lie and hate
To he who fathered lies
They give praise
They give honor
Pledge lives

A place where once truth did shine
Glory of the lord does fade
Men they stop to embrace
Lies deceit to bow blood stained
To place their children warm so sweet
On the altar of their greed
To their true god, now they sing
Satin is now enthroned, home

Does one hear an outcry?
From the world around

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