Idiot files

amended the files of the Idiot a work in progress..

The Way

I must open with a disclaimer: these files do not reflect nor do they represent any fool living or even dead except if you think you are for they are random thoughts pulled from the brian of an ignorant half witted man.

Thanks to one so dear, I have been working on my idiot files; a refined and as yet not so comprehensive work, to encourage the ignorant, to foster in them perhaps some pride of who they are and sympathy for those outside looking in who shall never know their joy and piece. But then to promote their ignorance even more for in some ways the ignorant seem to be the most wise of all today…. More to follow



The following are but a few of the new definitions I have in mind; for I am as some say one of those most ignorant of people.


In seeking to foster some sympathy…

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