Free and freedom both have cost



true love allows for the growth of the person,true love always puts the one first this way love flies ever so high

true love allows for the growth of the person,true love always puts the one first this way love flies ever so high

Liberal ease and free it’s all in what you accept



To a Liberal free is a progress form with great cost



Cradle to the grave the quicker some arrive the better for

some others






Oh, the righteous joys of liberal ease and the promises they

will make. They won’t lie or will they? Ask yourself and then watch out, its

deep and getting so much deeper now. They toy with words as lawyers do for

politician’s they all do be.  Not a

thought of the cost is given, for they can say it’s FREE, from on high these

men and women of low high immoral amoral morality spin the lie from every way

they can.  For all to here that hear their

call; it IS goes out the cost IS; yes, they say man it IS all just free.



They progressively stand they smile wide with pearly whites
mouths like gaping pits to hell and tell the people; you deserve free healthcare
so Insurance that’s socialized is now an issue IS their new specialty and no
one should have to pay for their free health care. 


No-cost (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



So here we have a plan a thousand pages long it you will

find we declare  you will get At no cost

and dude we has a plan so it will cost you … Man you won’t pay its nothing it’s

just free we promise this to you. Those who pay are the greedy company’s, yes

we will make the company pay, they should pay their fair share, but hey for you

it’s all just free. Except maybe no, its free. no my friend no, don’t read you’ll

need a doctor if you do, ask us we do we do and we wrote the bills you’re

going to pay, but hey it’s free.



Now let us tell you how it works, follow the bouncy ball,

now here it IS; it’s easy to understand. You go to work at your new job, one of

the many low high new paying full part-time at twenty-five hours a week, you

are paid at the new high rate of minimum wage we set. To get free health care

now you must choose a health insurance plan we ok and then you pay 150 plus for

all your free health care needs now families pay about three times more. No we

are not insuring the insurance companies we are making it fair more fare for

everyone who cannot afford to pay. Now free comes in when you have met your

four thousand dollar deductible. Until then you pay a liberally as we Liberals

say at the approved amount of 100 and 50 percent, or in terms the foolish do

not want to hear, all of the cost of all your health care plus the new tax every

month of one hundred and fifty plus.



 But read my lips its

free that what we say, so listen to us well; only the rich will pay that’s

everyone. Or else has no cost us all much more, just ask Alice and the Cheshire

Cat. If that won’t work then take a trip down memory lane into strawberry

fields and clover.



Oh there is no fool like the fool who thinks and does not

see who hears and will not listen blind to common sense only seeing what they

want never knowing how lost they are. For the picture we paint IS but a dream Liberal

ease and its Progressive socialist Darwinian ways




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