The Way

A note to the wise, who follow truth
Hearken not to the cry of anarchy
The Anarchist play a game uses lies
His tools appeal to the hidden hate
Anger is the tool of fools and sluggards
They hide within a thin veil of righteous indignation
They who seek the fall of our nation

They spew hate define words
Seek and search out ways to inflame
They appeal to those of weak minds and quick tempers
Those they can control
Making promises so grand
As if they were Bi-polar
Division separation is their way
Valleys high mountains low
Divide to separate lie, lie, and lie
But cry oh cry for unity

Polar bye they show insanity
The driving force of humanity
They show they do belong
To the father of the lies
Even him they do deny
Yet they raise him high

Few there be who are wise
More exist…

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