Be hold; look and see

1024-judaica6I sent my messengers:

It is amazing that mankind is ever seeking to be enlightened, but if the message received is contrary to what the listener has chosen as a fact; than it is said to be a false message from a false prophet of god. However if it tickles the ears delights the fancy then it is called a truth by modern man.


Now see this:

Twenty-first century man has been running around re-discovering himself for a few generations now. In our nation many interesting things have occurred recently; while we have been neglecting our need for moral guidance holy wood has spent years reprogramming Christian ideals with near east and eastern religion masks. Taking away core values of Jewish and Christian faiths: teaching the children to celebrate the murder of children by their mothers as a right of choice, to blame victims for what the criminals do to them, teaching guns are responsible for murder not the murder who used the gun. Responsibility is no longer taught, nor do we expect it for the new teaching is that all men are born good its society and circumstance that make for the bad…

All the more in this new age of Liberal, progressive, Socially correct teaching parents are marginalized, Socialist teaching is all the rage for the state is of primary importance : self-enlightenment is what man claims he  chooses, with self-fulfillment, self-improvement said to be the end of the means.

in times past each generation discarded the old to starts over rediscovering then making the same or even more erroneous (wandering) error’s than those of the past generation for they have chosen to do it a better way their way. This is the CHANGE we see taking place in the nation.

Men and women who seek for control for power; use any and all means at their disposal to incite anger stoke it to rage with inflammatory lies all so violence will occur. They are given aid by the propaganda machine of the party of the people, the compassionate Liberals left; it is odd that the beast did not lay dormant for long. It is not funny that it is now flourishing here  for the same self-thinking Luke warm people exist here as in that place not so long ago.

Once a people spent almost seven years in an attempt to wipe out all of Jewry, we as a people in our compassion were passionate that it would never happen again. And now almost 80 years later it is come back and this time we are rendering aid to the beast our nation rebukes Israel more, than aids and we give arms to terrorist. This too is CHANGE how sad how strange.


Can I tell you a story:

 The end of the beginning:   Modern man keeps asking what it all means what is life all about. Now this soothsayer tells him this, this card reader says it all means that, these Wise men speak of this or that, but this book here says as a matter of fact I should if I feel like do this for thus does say the Lord God most High?

Man says the world and time without end, billions of billions of years to go.

God says he has set a day and hour when all things will end, then judgment comes…

Man says God does not exist for if he did; then why has he not come again, it has been two thousand years.

God says, I am long-suffering and patient, not wanting anyone one to die. Besides a day for me is like one thousand years, so if you’re wise you see for God it’s only been two days.

So what’s it all about?

In man’s terms it is simple Respect and honor

It’s all about giving glory to God, respect and honor to the one true God it is written: for every knee shall bend and all will give due praise to him.

But In a moment in an instant in the twinkling of an eye, the great and terrible day so many long to see will bring destruction to the world. And yet man says no, it’s all an allegory, a fancy story. So I’ll tell you this for on that day, that’s not a day, when the sun is up yet does not shine, in a moment, in a flash the sounding rush of thunders clash, like a trumpet sounding as the four winds are set free. All things change; now listen well remember still the words of God; repent return and rest in me for I will make all things new. I give you warning in advance I ask that you should choose. The burden I give to you is simple it is love.

With my grace with faith.

Behold: I come as a thief in the night, I bring with me blessing and cursing, now see my truth it is not to be reviled, do not be so apprehensive, you are capable of understanding if you chose to do so. For in discerning if you will, you shall see the future without alarm or fear.

The Kingdom of God is here


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