This land is

This land is

What does it mean to be an American?oops 012

Who were we or what were we

Then who will we choose to be

Some people define who they are by what they says is race, some search out what they call an ethic quality, other claim traditions, some they call on heritage. But race, ethnic, traditions and heritage are but words that tell only a small part of where a people came from, what they are made of, and where they have chosen then to go.

America is not a single color, it’s not one ethnic group, and it encompasses many traditions, from many, many places. And that is our heritage for without one the whole would be diminished and the greatness of the Nation would be lost. But there are many in this new age; who seek division and demand there be now separation, so the nation becomes nations and a house it is divided.

But I say this to all who care

I am proud to be American for my people are my nation is made of the very best and more: Armenian, Austrian, Algerian, from Belgium, and Burundi, Chinese Cambodian, and Cuban, Danish, Ethiopian, Egyptian, Guatemalan, and Honduran, Indian, Jamaican, Japanese, and Kenyan along with Lithuanian, we are Mongolian, and Norwegian ,Oman, Pakistani, Peruvian and from Qatar, we are proud that we are Russian and Romanian Oh the names the places of our origination go on and on, there is Somalia, Serbian, Sudanese, and Swiss, Taiwanese, Thai, Tibetan ,Ugandan, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Wallis and Futuna ,Yemen and last of all but not least are the family members from Zambia and Zimbabwe. Now there are many more and we cannot forget those we should give the highest honor and most respect The native Americans The Arapaho, Apache, and Cheyenne and many more to name Navaho, Puyallup, Muckleshoot and more we owe them all they make us who we are.

Color is not an option ask the blind man not the fool. The blind man sees what’s inside, the fool he looks with blind eyes and judges before he knows. Better to be blind than an


I know your new here and those people like you but here’s the rules,I am the top cat and your the dog,see..

all-knowing bigot who sees but does not see.


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