A way

an idea on the way

Ten Two and One

In my youth the many paths were presented me

some were said to be the best and proper

but I did take a different tack

I decide to play at life

I chose the way

I chose the one

I look now at the ten

I studied always the two

as the one draws closer now

Time comes I stop to listen more

then to see, I hear  words whispered

there is no place for hate, nor angers ways

Nor can the seeds of rage take root

With-in the way of two and ten

the seeds of rage with-in all men

is what the way enables them to over come

To help to ease, to replace the hard

For the ten, the two point to one

a simple fact a thing called love

yet for the selfish, the self-centered

this a hard and difficult thing to see

I saw in my youth the road of man

wide and in…

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