Simple won

for the birds 016

The great deception


Bait they do


To cause a switch


Offering a sweet treat


Honey seems to drip from off the lips


Oh how these men, these women do so spin their tales


For in polo=sticks it’s all about who you can fool


For the truth is Bitterness and so deadly when it’s swallowed by the many


But lies followed up with bigger lies are what they foolish buy


The simple way to get people to tax themselves so freely and with joy.


Tell them they will receive a benefit


 Tell them it is free


Tell them they will be sticking it


No taking away something from the rich.


Make it big, no really big


All the better to hide the truth from them


Tell the simple it will protect them


It is that simple for the truth would be a cause for fear


The greatest deception is that they are as foolish as can be


For the rich they stick it too, so gladly and with such joy


Yes, these simple fools do as we say with joy put it to themselves


Every time we say to do it, to themselves they do


Their Vanity jealousy lust and greed is easy to abuse


Makes it easy to protect the wealthy and elite



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