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Field report 2187 July 12 2016

Initial filings and subject matter indicate that the following is quite possibly case zero, which lead to the escalating events of May, June, and July of 2014.
On a quiet Friday evening in May a chain of events began to unfold which are now blamed for what started the chaos or gave rise to the excuses for the riots, the multiple murders and horrendous vandalism which followed, more in the summary:
A simple case of racial unrest; Well that is what it was called, but when the smoke cleared the dead were counted and level heads were able to sort out the lies from the facts. One fact we have uncovered is that it had all been set in motion by lax reporting of the facts, instead of being factual those reporting were politically correct and lax in the truth. For viewership and rating points the story was enhanced. This lead to misunderstanding and a whirlwind rise in public speculation and fear. With many on one side saying it was supposed to happen.
But on this beautiful Friday evening no excused was needed as a breaking point was reached, the last straw in a volatile brew erupted when one woman who was being robbed took out her gun and shot her assailant dead. As she lay bleeding from two bullet wounds and her husband lay beside her dead. She shot and killed her assailant. The news reporters who reported the story left out that she had been shot twice and was severely beaten, they only reported that a young African youth with a possible record had been murdered by a white woman and her now dead husband. Fearing more riots the city went into lock down as mobs hit the streets.

By six thirty African-Americans were attacking vehicles with whites inside and breaking into homes and business the nation’s media picked this up and soon across the nation it was being repeatedly reported that whites were being attacked. One couple had been attacked and killed, a young African youth for no reason other than hate gunned down three white youth who just hours before were playing ball with each other.. White fear grew as leaders of the African communities justified these attacks and vilified the victims all the more. By Tuesday evening hundreds of threats against the woman had been made. Still no one reported the facts in the case, one reporter again blamed the violence on the gun welding woman, not mentioning that she was in critical condition with two gun shot wounds from the African American youths gun and her husband was dead from one in the head. All because they had no cash.
Once again leaders of the African movement called for the woman’s head and were blaming whites and calling for attacks on crackers for all the ills of the minority communities. And once again the man said if I had a son he’d be like … and the destruction went on and on……
Could this happen? It has it is and no one wants to stop it. For the liberals feel it will ease the hate if the whites feel the pain they have caused the people of color all these years. It’s odd that the sins of the great, great grandfathers of a few can now be used as justification for the violence and murder now being done and they call it justice.
The seeds of hate lay with-in each man and woman in this nation.
We make the choice
When we blame others for our choices we say we are incapable of good judgment.
When we demand someone give us what we have not worked for, we diminish ourselves
When we do not stop and ask questions, but react out of anger, that we display our ignorance and hate.

I watched the riots in Watts, I saw the destruction, I witnessed firsthand the hate, the rage; which took place. I saw a community which only days before was vibrant, alive, torn down; the reason was the man. Always the choices are blamed on some else, some other group. It seems I now live in a nation where people look for reasons to hate. Hate is easy, you can hate and be angry at anything. But to Love to honor to respect takes a man and a woman of Character of empathy with true compassion.

So I am bothered that our leaders are not asking for or demanding patients, why are we not hearing from the leadership of the African-American community? It is because these acts are sanctioned….


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