Liberals set race based Ed standards: lowest bar for blacks

yes indeed this will help HOW? if you want to create a nation of ignorant compliant drones. then this is what you do. when will all you fools who know so much wake up?

Stacy on the Right

If you’re black, and you care about your children’s education, read to them. Monitor their tv and online usage. Work towards getting them into whatever private education system you can afford.

Don’t just drop them off at school and head to work. The ONLY person that’s truly cares for their future is YOU.

These new standards are racist and will result in lower achievement for ALL students. Your children’s education is YOUR responsibility!!!

Via Last Resistance:

“New education standards approved this week in Florida set goals for public school student performance based on race and ethnicity — with lower benchmarks for African-American, Native American, and Hispanic students, and higher ones for white and Asian-American students…According to the plan, Pre-K through grade 12 students will be assessed with their racial subgroups in mind ‘to reduce the achievement gap.’ By 2018, 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of white students, 81…

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