Race the racist for racism

Runner at the start

Runner at the start (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have had to stop and ask myself some hard questions recently, because of recent events in the news, so I could have a better understanding of myself and my motives. I have searched myself, then asked Am I a racist, a bigot, or intolerant. Am I as some say a cracker, a white, part native American, eastern, northern, European, Spanish, North African, middle eastern, Asian? All of these things are a part of my family tree so am I living in a delusion when I say I am not a…. or am I being arrogant. You see my family is composed of all the divisions of mankind and I am proud of that and all of them.

So I asked myself what is a racist, and a bigot, but also I needed to grasp what prejudice is and injustice means.

So I asked the great internet for its wisdom.

Now I do have an opinion of my own on race.

But having been told I am ignorant, you may disagree, but for me there is only one race; it is called the human race.

However man has decreed over these many millennium that there should be distinctions among his kind for man feels some types, some groups, whether it be those of extreme wealth, of a certain social upbringing, or even eye color have a hold on the number-one slot in the larger family order.

Whereas God (Yes, as an ignorant fool I do invoke that evil deity; which in my ignorance I feel created all I see) intended no division for it plainly states he created them Male and Female. But God knowing the cold hard heart of man has allowed man to make or ascribe differences, apply attributes, to the groups and sub-groups he (man) has created.

So shall we argue race or drop it as an issue, well people do like their forms of self-pity and justifications for their actions and their hates, so I will say this about race ask Moses and his sister. Moses chose to marry an Ethiopian beauty, his sister was mad, she cursed Moses and God cursed her.

Now what did my wise internet define for me or rather give as insight into the thoughts of men on race?


I found these three words were closely linked: race, racist and racism.

In its simplest definition race means human beings. Now that fits my definition.it does not say anything about differences.

 Next comes racist it is one who feels human beings are superior to all other creatures in creation. Well I must agree here to for man was placed over creation as its care taker. So the problem comes when man subjugated and demeans his fellow-man. By dividing and sub-dividing himself into groups and sub-groups.

It is odd we once taught our children: Love your fellow-man as yourself, that wise saying is now called evil and vile by the enlightened of our nation and the world.

Now the last racism is the use of a biological trait such as spots speckle’s eyes, nose, or even hair color to determine who is the greatest among men or women. All of these are terms of men all have the same inherent problem; prejudice’s these learned ideas, which are taught to children by their parents and lead to discrimination.  So the ism denotes whatever one chooses and whatever one allows as to offend.


Now I have rejected some things men call facts for my ignorant mind cannot accept anyone being better than anyone else, however life has taught me the harsh reality to these ethical lessons, that there are those who feel their opinion’s, their ideals, their form of religion, or what they call faith makes them superior to others.

The ism of race looks at differences among man, such as the size of a nose, the color of one’s eyes, or do you have six toes or fingers? Then says because of this you’re superior or inferior to that one.


Once again I will say this one race of human beings, divided into many parts, by man for power, for control. Some say God made races, no, God made man, man divided and promoted himself over his fellow.. The divisions come of choices those men and women made.


So what is a bigot? Well, a Bigot is one who is obstinate or intolerant. Reminds me of my Uncle Norm, he was stubborn and did not suffer the fools.

Well two more big words for us.

What is obstinate? It is a person who holds to their opinion or course of action in spite of good reason. A person who is not swayed easily.

Then what is intolerant? That is a person that is unwilling to grant equal freedom to others.

So here we arrive at prejudice. And it is a preconceived or learned opinion; which brings about a judgment on others before ever meeting them. 

Finally we have true injustice: it is a wrongful act a violation of another’s rights based on preconceived opinion’s learned without ever asking hearing or seeing the person being judged…

I will close with this my opinions are learned after many years. I have never judged anyone on the shape of their head the tilt of their brow or the color of their eyes and especially not on if or if not they were rich. First impressions are never good and neither are seconds but by the third you can tell usually what a character is of a man or woman.








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