the new wave of CHANGE

Nine Demands of Liberalism (1872)

Nine Demands of Liberalism (1872) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There be consequences for opposition to Liberalism, for along with its new wave of CHANGE it brings much added baggage; there are many cases full of loss of truth, loss of reason sadly wrapped and stacked with lies. It seems responsibility, respect and empathy for the people was lost or shut away in a dark forgotten corner; usurped by the raging desire for control and power.
A public servant once did this job to do good, now its done to get rich and richer and to protect the wealthy.
So our new friends declared CHANGE with its partner socialism and its birth-mother communism with life partner and companion Fascism along with myriad cousins of the totalitarian left dictators of our new age.
In all these states hailed by the Liberal Ideals, the STATE is supreme, it tells you where to live, provides the rooms, it tells you what you will do for a job, and so also what class you fall into. For there are distinct classes of people in these systems and upward movement is discouraged . In these classes the people are further separated into divisions, what better way to control than with division suspicion fear and tepid anger at another.
This is why the Christian faith is so feared and considered a danger to them all for its very premise :LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN AS YOU SO LOVE YOURSELF. Negates the fear the suspicion and fosters peace and harmony among the believer. To those outside it is insanity ; when mans whole focuses should be to aquire more and  get over and above anyone in any you can.


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