What goes around comes around

What goes around comes around

School has started off she goes
What goes around comes back around
That’s how life does go.
I think I need I think I want oh really I do not know
It goes it comes always back around
That why life is fun

New book old books
They say their gently used
Oh, which one shall I chose
Oh look a rental now what a deal
Three big choices which one will it be

Do you need a, no I will not?
Let me finish what about a, oh daddy stop
Well sweet heart, I want that one over there ok,
Ok now leave me alone
ok my dear I will for now

What goes around?
It comes around
It’s now that time of year.

Daddy, yes my girl,
I need
I know
What will I,
You have one
Its all set no worry
Thank you daddy, I love you too.


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