Let us be bold for Christ

Reblogging ; please when you find the CD pass on the information. If only they had the youth rally speakings he did…

Mind's Seat

My dear friends:

The Lord moved in my heart to watch A Man Called Peter. As soon as our budget will allow, I want to have the complete sermons of Peter Marshall on CD. Many years ago when my faith in the Lord was new and fresh like the spring, I read the book A Man Called Peter written by his wife, Catherine Marshall.

A Man Called Peter is the story of what God can do with anyone who is fully submitted to His will. A factory worker in Scotland rises to become a minister and chaplain of the U.S. Senate. Through times of great soul-searching adversity, Peter stays close to God’s heart and His will for his life.

As I watched this film again, I felt a peace unlike I have ever known that somehow in ways I can’t explain fully, the Lord has His mighty hand upon…

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