Dreams of times past


Dreams of times past:

in dreams we see

in dreams we learn

In dreams we file life away


 Now In my second youth I see; life from two sides

I see the foolishness of youth and the hidden bitterness of age

perhaps one day I’ll understand why mankind chooses to lie


In dreams we see

In dreams we wander

In dreams we look for the very best

But we always seems to miss the reason for the suffering of life

the sin that brings us low

Satin stood at the pinnacle of power

and pride of self brought him low


I met the pie man many times his ware was oh so sweet

But what was sweet became bitter as I ate


As I was walking the other day a pie man I did see; he had large assortment of apple peach and pumpkin Lemon and banana cream, but it was the sign that caught my eye. For it read assorted pies from me to you; perhaps a samples given for a story, your mishaps if they are heart wrenching are given preference. All life lessons are considered come and see.


So I stood there looking wondering and heard the rumble of my body as my mind did begin to unleash the once constrained hunger pains. Said to him can I sample what you have. Do you have perhaps a bit of rhubarb maybe some pecan maybe even mincemeat would be fine.


Now the pie man looking somber asks me man how do you plan to pay?  Have you any cash to cover the pies cost? Well son speak tell mew hat you have?


 How I planned to pay I said shocked as one could be? My response though it was a quick was far more like a plea for I burst out about how I was broke; no broken, , stripped so clean I cannot buy a thing, I began right then yes  there I was trying to explain.


Oh, my dear little pie man I was married once to the sweetest, the most beautiful of women, oh once I was so very rich and on her the sun did rise and set. She made me feel I was the only one my life was so complete. Yes, my friend all she asked I would do all she wanted I did provide not a question did me ask. Then one day she turned cold as cold as a bitter biting winter day; gone now was the warm sweet love of my youthful lust. With my money she now bought bobbles of clear cold rocks of ice surrounded by so much gold.  Yes she bought rings and chains ear rings to, did you ever see a character called Mr. T?


I asked her, I so did plea, I begged Oh my love, oh please, oh please tell what I can do to re-lite ignite your passion kindle once again your love.


She simply looked at me with a stare so cold eyes so empty that a chill ran down my spine for I knew the truth but I would deny it for some time. My friend pie man my story there is more, but I am faith I need to eat perhaps I could just possibly have a sample of your ware?


Son he says your story’s good I have heard it many time but you must tell me what you learned have you become a wiser man? Or will you be a sour fool wallowing in self pity?





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