Is it really

Today they say separation of but once it was the state shall not. the lines and Idea was blurred by an atheist who said it was not right that she or her child be forced to worship. But were they forced or did they simply stand in silence? Once the book now so hated was studied for its Poetry and pros. it was once equated with great writers like Shakespeare Poe and Chaucer. Quoted by so many now reviled by the society and nation it made great.

I helped clear out a school they were setting for demolition in the building we did find bibles piled high stored in disused lockers forgotten long ago stamped and dated 1960 with a paper marked destroy by order of the government. I guess someone forty fifty almost sixty years ago was hopping that the insanity would stop. for more respect is now given to a religion our forefathers fought and called a harbinger of evil.


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