Quest for answers

always do I wander in wonder at how a man can see and hear, but then just blindly follow some zealot to his destruction with a smile on his face...

always do I wonder as I  wander at how a man can see and hear, but then just blindly follow some zealot to his destruction with a smile on his face…


The following is a mental debate; I am asking you to think what the expositors called discerning, but by no means should we argue over issues raised; so as it is written each man and woman must choose the answer they feel best fits their interests and personal ideal.


Each One must realize that over the course of time and there has been a lot that; the question only concerns two maybe three perhaps fours, but the possibly only one. That one is whose will whose way will you choose.




I will place a reminder here: Our Father who is in heaven


         Holy is your name, your kingdom come,


         Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


         Give us this day our daily bread,


         Forgive us our sin as we as we forgive those who sin against us


         Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil


          For yours is the Kingdom, power and glory


          Forever and ever Amen


A side note here:  lead: means to go in advance of, to go before (remind you of anything)


So we must now ask:


Do we choose Gods way?  Or the way we feel is his way? Or the traditions men have brought in?1024-judaica6


Do we choose to keep his commands and decrees? For the Christ said those who are mine will keep my father’s commands and decrees. So many respond they are not under the law, how true but they are required not to break the law so they can remain free of the final penalty total separation from the God they claim to follow.


Thus will you follow traditions made by man? Or the simple way of the Christ.


In seeking the answers to these questions what then do we do if we find tradition is wrong and we have been in violation of the way of the will of God?




So the Question




What would Jesus say?


What would Jesus do?


What did he really say to do?


It all comes down to accepted Christianized paganism or re-worked re-imagined Jewish tradition set aside for additional pagan rites. Satin works his will and his way so well making the unpalatable palatable with little compromises over long lengths of time.




What season were we told to keep in remembrance of him?


In what season were we told to honor Christ?


From now on when you keep this feast do it in Remembrance of me.




We ask what he would do. Well the book provides the answer for it says it was his custom to keep the Passover. This holly day was one that reminded the people of what was past and what was to come for every house hold set a place and even today sets a place in anticipation of the most holly Prophets arrival.


So what has happened, why do those who claim the Christ reject what he has said? Why did they turn away from the day of true remembrance?


Some do say it was done in order to remove themselves, to separate from the Jewish society and the Jewish heart of the faith; so the new church in order to grow decided gather in more pagans then embraced and Christianized the pagan ways; some did it for political power, others for wealth it brought in, but all was foretold by Paul with his comment: even now there are wolves in sheep’s clothing entered in among the brethren leading many astray. Teaching false doctrines for themselves.




Now we can argue theology’s doctrines and social concepts all day year and decade long. However in the theology and the doctrines it seems we may have lost the truth and misplaced the Christ, thus we have embraced many things that are anti to the Christ. If we fight for concepts and a doctrine foreign to the faith just because it’s an old tradition does this make it right? Traditions there are many taken from many people’s so as to be inclusive of every man and woman to honor them and their ways. However in so doing we reject the truth the love the grace of Christ for we bow down to foreign god and goddess and thus bring condemnation on ourselves.


Paul expressly said I teach I taught the ways of Christ if any man brings you any doctrine other than this do not allow him in.


So remember then to keep the Sabbath, keep the Passover, but reject the mystery religion brought from Babylon to the seat of satin….


 we have two witnesses the Sabbath and the Passover, a day of rest made for man and a day of remembrance of his life and death.

A rose is always a Rose no matter what the Name.

A Rose will bloom yet so soon fade, but the glory of its beauty will ever in the memory remain.





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