Misdirection our introspection upon reflection


The O-man’s not so big secret? Or is it only his? Perhaps you should ask?http://themadjewess.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/7121b-lenin.jpg


Everyone has an idea. Of what it may be.


Butt is it a reflection of the new misdirection.


What you think that it is, may not be what you think that you know it to be.


For being misdirected is all a part of the game….it’s our shame that we are played oh so well in this way.




There is nothing undisclosed to those with closed eyes, for to see is only for the blind, now there some who have ears butt care not to hear for to be deaf is a joy..


 Butt misdirection is the sign of the times. No one seems even to care.


 Now if you take time , now take a moment to think.


For there is an enigma, a shameful stain, you would see. It’s found in the thoughtless column of those Americans of greed, those who hold to the dream of government care. Those who want the feds to feed them, those want the feds to buy them their clothes, those self-righteous fools who feel free health care is true and ideal. Yes they’ll sell their own souls and everyone else’s for anything the feds tells them is free, oh how gladly they’ll sign on for free coverage from cradle to grave.


Butt now one must ask who is going to pay?

a rose is a rose no matter what the name, enslavement and tryannie can be covered but they never really change.

a rose is a rose no matter what the name, enslavement and tryannie can be covered but they never really change.




Those who now demand this new way of government ease, are ever so pleased as they shout out and explain we’ll just stick it to the rich; they’ll pay their fair share.


Butt who are these rich, from where do they come, how much really is a rich man’s income?




Those lazy and crazy, those who accept quickly the lies of the greedy and jealous, who have a great desire not to pay; who demand from the government all things must be free. These silly odd fools full of hate and fiery rage just don’t understand, there’s always a cost for nothing is free. One must always pay a fee; it’s the government’s way especially for something man feels and think should be free. Oh man so desires the government to give. So if the government gave them a part of their need, many would then start a thinking that they would and had heard the ever elusive thing man calls the truth. So the truth of the new fairy tale the reality has again fallen on the uncaring.


Yes, once again those who feel that being rich is a crime or being wealthy is a sin. Would again take to the bait and demand that the government stick it to someone oh yes, so thanks to their greed and the green eyes of their jealousy they are played one against each other. Oh the fools they don’t see.


 For you see there’s a secret that the two parties do not want us to learn ; that  big secret is that the rich they speak of is you and its me. Yes, my poor friends the rich man is you, your poking and sticking it to only yourself. no one butt yourself.


 Both parties have colluded so to say; now me I am simple as you are my friend, so hear what I say.  they have used very well simple phrases, narrowly defined items to cause disagreements, so as to get us to aid them in sticking it to ourselves.


So to make it plain I will say it again the rich they want to tax at a much higher rate is you, the rich they want to control is you; friends the rich they have always been talking about is every man and woman who gets up and goes to work , the rich are those who put in eight plus hours a day and pay taxes. It’s you ,your the rich, if you hold even a dollar, they want it, they’ll find as you know some way or another to take it from you.


last days of Autum

last days of Autum

 part two to follow no butts



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