Darkness comes upon us

In recent weeks we have seen the seeds of the old men blossom yes, it has come back , the ancient hate and discord has taken root. we have watched as these seeds have been sown; nurtured and watered with hate anger rage. O the generous use of fertilizer lust envy have grown strong and protected by jealousy and justified by the venom of the new age hate the compost has done its desired job….

What would J.C. say

O the dark horse, velvet-black

Roars from out the hidden pit
He who rides who hides
In the darkness known to man
That vile serpent known of old
Satin prince of the world

Now released to ply his trade
Now comes the one O so vile
Full of hate steeped in rage anger burns
Rooted deep within the seeds of jealousy
Bringing envy lust and greed with him
The infections deadly to all men

The seeds he brings
On the horse, O so red as blood
Comes to man to be embraced
His beloved his lust
For his brothers blood

O his lovely bride is envy
Grown from his embracing hate
The fruit of mankind’s tree is rage
His greatest labor war

Hate seems so sweet to mortal man
A fruit that easily becomes mankind
Death with its destruction seems to please
Man he justifies his ways
He loves to…

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