distance sounds calling out

As I went out a walking early in the morn it was about the midnight hour, the sun was going down the sky was dark there was no light I heard a horn a trumpet sound once or twice maybe more. The sun had fled away the sky rolled up the stars they fled away an empty fear came over all mankind for they realized the time was near.
I went out and walking found a man of many sorrows one who ask no questions yet held the answer all did seek to find. I heard a sound so quiet I heard a word once whispered love it conquers all; yet man in pride his envy will not let him realize that he is the created just a creature given breath and so much loved. The boundaries were set at the time of creation
Seeking always with fist clenched he curses and defies the trumpets sounding he does hear and he cries out all the more, with fists clenched eyes wide shut ears stopped up with mighty words and thoughts of his what ifs. Me and mine just go away leave me to my own I made myself o don’t you see I understand it’s me alone not you. Pride it comes and goes it bring him to his fall his destruction comes from within he judges one not all man in his final way judges only one he is the witness at the trial of but one himself. He gives testimony to all he’s done and left undone ….


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