Page three

So here’s a side bars first:
I know but I did give you fair warning.

Now about my children; I loved them so, and I still do, so very much, but it’s been now thirty years since I last looked upon the two, but for me story I offer up a few learned rules or facts; not yet are they proven to be facts by the scientific community, but all parents can attest to them and so will swear in fact that they are true. (Of a general nature there ars rules)
So here’s something all parent’s come to know too well, (no I am not an expert just a parent) sadly but is true. all learn it the hard way, but learn it fast they do; for the words of the wise we do not hear, so our enthusiasm comes upon us fast it bites us in the posterior as well; yes, the youth the young so much in lust, remember we mix up the two words love is lust and lust is love so falling out of it sounds better harsh reality for many.
What they the wise so young will learn; must learn, is a lesson everyone before and after do as well; that life is hell and some nasty smells accompany children. Yes, children those sweet smiling babbling babes are well two distinct creatures rolled in one, demon or angels how I wish we could choose, but on the roulette wheel of this life you can never pick which it shall be at any moment, but they are an all in one packaged deal. Yes, they change from minute to minute and day to day for that be grateful, but they are such fun our lives would be empty oh so sad if we never had these precious things we call offspring. Has anyone ever wonder why we say off? Off of what? We know from where they sprang, so we are then the reason that they do the things they do. Oops I am so sad for my kids….
One is great, but two is; well read on:
When two comes home the rules of conduct no longer apply; for one may be sweet so easy, but Murphy and his law hit hard the pay back comes to teach the new parents a hard cruel lesson it’s a fact, for child two is a wild cat that does the opposite of the first. Your wonderful life has just crossed over into no sleep zone.
Until there’s three oh God help me or they leave your life’s in disarray, but you really wouldn’t have it any other way..
Your first ones usually great as I said and oh so easy that you get the idea, hey we can handle this. Raising children is so easy,(fool thinking themselves wise rush in) this child makes its own bottle sets bedtime at eight and makes its bed oh you praise the precious little angel. And like the fools those mentally depraved; yes,,( now drop the anger at the insult I am only giving a general idea) you have another and oh how your life is thrown into a spin. Two it stays up day and night, it only sleeps for about one hour in the morning; then all night it screams as if a banshee were inside, your sweet wife becomes so a haggard and frizzled mess, she starts shaking shifting trembling at any word you say; at times you’d claim she’s drinking. She looks at you as she whispers incoherent word, yet some sound ominous oh go figure. You ask an expert and they say post part’em expression so you feel safe. But then she say out loud one night while she sleeps that you’re a demon, a possessed dead man, one she would like to eliminate from her sight. In the warming light of day you turn and smile at her, then like a fool you ask her, the to simple question.


I know your new here and those people like you but here’s the rules,I am the top cat and your the dog,see..

Yes, why? And so:
It was in this atmosphere that I found my life in danger and first heard of the unknown stranger. Then one day I was gone, inside outside up and down; I knew and can tell you when I knew, but to place a pin point it was the first day of the week of thanksgiving the year was 84 yes I knew it was happening, but refused to accept it but my life it did change.


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