Really what a sale

It’s an age old question not a new one for our day, one we should never fail to ask of others, nor should we fail to hold up as a mirror to ourselves.
So now:
Ask yourself:
What would Jesus say if he were here today?
So many questions that we ask. Yet we reject the answers.
The answers we reject could if not rejected save our lives.
All are thus rejected so we can be politically correct.

First and foremost:
When does Life begin?
A twofold question so, ponder this.
Can you be objective?
One answer covers both.
One word answers it.
Does it really take a wise and prudent man to conclude the answer that a fool can see?
Or could one just assume, then accept the answer; I do not know?
So what then would Jesus do and say?
Would He side with you?
Would he say well done?
Ask yourself, what would Jesus say?
About what we do today?
Do you keep the way he taught?
If so:
Why do we debate the time that life begins?
Why do we fight about a season?
Is it really he who is the reason?

I wonder have you ever asked yourself:
Are you a good, a moral person?
So many say I am.
Yes, I am a good a moral person.
Then they give their list; I give, I tithe, I pray, so yes I am.
The man the woman of the world say the same.
They lay claim to the goodly way.

Some of you will shout:
I found him, yet ask yourself the simple question; who found who.
Were you really looking?
So who was really looking, who was waiting for who to ask?

Well God says in the book:
I knew you from the first.
So can you guess? What is next?
There is an answer to the argument when does life begin?
This is what the word so states: from the womb I called you fourth; so who knew who? Who called who?
If you do not chooser or say we do not know; so much like the Pharisee and Sadducees of old you are; just perhaps you should depart from me you I never knew. It is written that this is what he will say on our fateful day.
Now please
Think a moment
Who: is first? It’s not me, nor is it you, but the Christ
What: does he provide? Grace by faith; LOVE.
When: from the first the moment we surrender our will to his.
When does life begin at conception, our rebirth in Christ is the same?
Where: in the womb. Again the prophets testifies of this. As does the spirit. Remember the testimony of two holds the truth. Our sure witness is Jeremiah and the prophet John. Both were known both did know. For they were called.
Why: Love. For love it covers a multitude of sin.
In all the readings in all translations we are told to do as he has done, the great commission can be summed up in one word. Love: for this is the commission we have been given.
So I must ask why to the rest is it evil to worship Christ.
Why am I and others evil for teaching of him and his way, the two and the ten which come from the one?
In correct society I must respect all religions, but they can insult Christ and they are cheered. I always wondered why. Yes, Why?
I already know the answer to my question: why. It is stated plainly when He talks of Pharaoh: to give glory to the most high as testimony to his grace our faith and his love.
Would Jesus fit in with the social clicks of our day?

Grey Sky's

darkness comes remembering days

Or would he be with the poor, the destitute, the widow, orphan and the sick? Would he visit prisoner’s feed the homeless give drink and clothing to those in want?
Yes, I wonder what Jesus would say and what would my dear lord my savior do.
Second Peters Chapter 3
One day soon we shall know the answers to these simple questions; did we care for our brothers or sisters or send them away in want? Did we feed or cloths our brethren or place our pearls in a basket and send it off to others who squandered it while those we knew went without.
When I was young I heard men say we are free the law has no effect on me, I am free from the law,my sin and death..
For Paul he says the greatest of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is that of love, for Christ’s people live to forgive just as the Messiah the Christ for gave. So if you cannot forgive as he did for you can you be saved? Paul and the Christ say nay.
Consider this in the prayer so many recite is this phrase for give us our trespass as we forgive those who trespass against us. What is bound on earth is bound in heaven what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven.
I am saddened when I hear someone say I can forgive but not forget or I cannot forgive. We do not forgive for the person who has offended us, but for ourselves for the mustard seed of hate if allowed to grow will consume ones life.
Jeremiah shows us this. But
Now when does life begin? Many have argued this simple question it begins at conception for the end of the beginning is a human being; who is entitled to the following life liberty and happiness.

A rose is always a Rose no matter what the Name.

A Rose will bloom yet so soon fade, but the glory of its beauty will be ever in the memory to remain.


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