How to know a Bigot or a real terrorist

As I wrote this piece many thoughts came to mind and so I had to ask myself are we being used.

I have been pondering and asking myself, what did Jesus say? As a way to understand who is a bigot and are bigots really terrorist just called another name.To those who follow his way.

But its my toy!

Its mine, its mine, see!

What did his detractors do?
Were they not a form of Bigots?
We forget that terrorist are Bigots.
I propose the following
The new age super Bigot:
The master elite of the up and coming party central:
Those who say we need them to tell us how to live; who want us to come and say: Please, Sir or Madam, Can I have some more? Oh me oh my I do not know what to do, I need the party to make the choice for me from cradle to my grave.
A quote we all have heard in politics and in Church, one however it’s one which we do not heed:
A house divided against itself cannot long stand
If we would take the time to really look, if we would simply listen:
1. We’d see who truly is the Bigot
2. We’d hear what is truly the doctrine of the Bigot
3. We’d learn a bigot is a person who cannot love; but loves to hate
4. We’d learn a bigot has a disease that must be quarantined
5. We’d learn this that bigots come in all shapes and sizes and varied colors it is an inclusive club for all who hate and hold anger as a virtue
6. We’d learn that those who incite others to anger hate and thus enrage are the worst of all
7. We’d learn from this that those who profess to embrace the ways of Christ are wolves readily devouring the foolish for Christ taught love and forgiveness and empathy; so do you see and hear and realize what and who a bigot is?
It must be noted that in the word this incident took place: his disciple’s tried to keep the children from him, so he called out to them saying No, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them; for you must become as one of these; for To enter in one must become as child; reborn renewed. Now I have paraphrased his words but others have twisted them into a meaning far beyond what he said. Born again; do you see this mustard seed? Symbolism which displays the wonders the simplicity of what so many call secrets that for a price they will explain. What he and his followers gave to all freely; today we must pay to hear. Built on the lies and new truths of men and women seeking after their glory and their wealth.
The following rant, with my anti new age slant, along with its raves is in reality a question loosely wrapped within an answer. Which to the wise will make sense, but to the foolish none at all. However I do hope that I can change one person’s mind and then make others realize that political parties formed of men and woman use them, as tools for their gain, not yours and as long as you choose to follow men and women who expose hate, allow yourself to be easily incited to violence by the people, and then destroy the property of others you are a tool, you will be forever be the fool one who is far more cruel than those you follow why because you choose to follow.
In our day we like to define; we so enjoy the defining of many things which we can use to excuse our behavior, and our lack of empathy and love, while in a small way allowing ourselves to say with pride we are good, we are moral, and we do love. A quick side track we have redlined our children so we can murder them without guilt; we have dived mankind the Human race into what can better be call breeds and specialty breeds all so one group or another can feel superior to the other. Race and its ism; become ambiguous. It is time for all to know that the wise have discerned by use of science and common sense hold the following to be self-evident: that all groups in the human genome; yes the human race (singular)are well mixed genetically and those physical traits used by some to divide separate and claim inferior are merely outward physical characteristics which show some form of commonality family characteristics relationships between cultural groups and closed communities. In simple speak men are men and women are women. It is the bigot and his or her follower that are the problem. For they are filled with hate they thrive on anger and rage it is their social outlet for destruction that lives within them.
Look in a mirror do you hate others for having more than you?
Are you angry at you place in life?
Do you blame someone else for your choice or your lack of making no choice?
Do you hate others for what happened two hundred years ago? One hundred years ago? Fifty twenty ten five?
Do you understand how to forgive? Do you understand empathy? Do you know all people at some point suffered the very same way? It is not exclusive to anyone group. Do you realize that it is happening now to others and even you are indifferent?
So ask yourself: how do I define a Bigot? Is it color, shape, size or is it how one acts their actions and speaking their words?
A Bigot can readily be defined as a person who is obstinately (adhering to a course of action in spite of reason) or intolerantly devoted to their own opinions and prejudices which they pass onto others. Bigots cross all social and cultural lines, they are not just found in one group. They are the new who and what of hate the teachers and the infection of society its hate and anger and the true threat to social peace. Bigots incite others with their hatred and intolerance calling for directly and indirect retribution and violence against others, seeking destruction as a form of social reform, disregarding the harm such acts and actions cause… One who because of preconceived ideas taught by others in their family or social group; hate or mistrust others they do not know. Those who assume that others always seek to harm or injure them. Thus they teach these fears hates and misguided anger to their children.
These people were once called obstinate or obtuse (meaning one who is sadly insensitive or stupid meaning they lack knowledge of the truth and do not wish to seek it out for fear of others).
Obstinate means: perversely adhering to an opinion or a course of action in spite of reason, arguments against the bigot’s opinion as being misguided or unfair. I must conclude that to be a bigot is a life choice an act or choice a narrow mindset not conducive to persuasion one not open to change. Rather akin to the court jester or fool.
What’s more a bigot is one who is entrenched in his or her hate for it defines their life, just as love defines the follower of the Christ so hate defines the Bigot or the follower of Satin: Yes the Bigot love their hate, relishes his or her rage and anger.
The bigot is self-severing while wallowing in pity thus seeking only after violence as a redress and an outlet for what one feels are insults against themselves and others. One who blames others for their life position and their inability to make good choices one who blames failures? Also many bigots hide behind the mantle of Christ and other religious icons. I will only address the words of Christ in a limited form here; but man or woman who claim to be teachers of the Christ and then incite people to riot are not teachers of Christ nor do they speak for him, but for themselves and their own hate and anger.
As long as the bigot looks back and forgets that man has done the same to all his brothers and is right now doing it to unseen millions here and overseas. Or that perhaps their anger their rage and their hate could better be served against the modern slave master who says we shall keep you we shall feed you we shall provide all you need. This is social slavery when one must bow down to his master and beg for food stamps disclose all he or she has to get housing but what one give up first is dignity and self-respect. Think of the Native Americans and what they have lost. All of this breeds anger hate and rage and the masters know how to make their slaves behave for the fullest effect and to insure their position playing one against the other building up their task masters who in turn tell the slave what masters desire are and how master want them to vote.
Fewer jobs exist thirty plus million illegals working for pennies welcomed by the Democratic Party funneled into cities protected thinking they are being helped never realizing they are the new slaves.
They ship their children here where they are lost and become the new sex slaves and toss away victims of pedophiles and perverts. Yes let’s all sing the praise of the liberal liberators.

Today so many ask what Jesus would do, what would he say; all without simply looking at what he said.
So now I give you what he would do:
He would forgive, then say do as I have do toss the sins the hurt the anger and hate as far is the east is from the west and live. My sweet child forgive and live as I forgave you.
I have yet to hear a bigot say anything like that.


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