Two choices two families two ways

To forgive is to live as forgave is to save. When we hold onto when we refuse to let go we harm ourselves and those around us. Jesus who is the Christ died and forgave us so that we could have so we could live he asked to forgive others in the same way he did . We are to bind them up cast them as far as the east is from the west. It makes me so sad when I hear a person who professes to follow the way say I can forgive ,but I can not forget. Then I say you have not forgiven and you have judged yourself . For what we retain is bound to us as a measure.

So many people seek and desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit and yet they reject the most preciouses gift of all LOVE. For they do not accept the meat of the gift for they will pray in monotone unison in their church’s forgive us as we forgive others not hearing not accepting what they say.God does not lead one to temptation it is ever present it is our choice. So can you forgive can you forget and accept?

Paul said this is the way

Paul said this is the way

Can you love?

How many times must you place the Christ on that cross and crucify him for what you refuse to forget?.

In a short time many will celebrate the resurrection to life; the birth of the first fruits of the many. In Gods Family forgiveness and forgetting are essential. the past died when we accepted the Holy Spirit and our new nature of the spirit say my Father my lord your will your way be done. So can you love without condition as Christ has done for you? he has forgiven paid the penality and cast away all your sins.

So how is that you say thet you can forgive but not forget? Remember Satin waits for sin to form ………………..


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