Gods set time

God’s time clock

God sets the clock from birth
He has Numbered mans allotted days
For mortal man has but a short time
For all men have an appointed time a day

It is written: man is but a wisp; like the smoke he lives he fades away

The Father call to our father
My child come on home
He’s now called
He was called from birth
He’s is now wanted so much loved
Called now to his true home

Yes, our lord
God sent his angels too lead the way
Called too to him from so far away
Said today my son now is the time
Come home to me, arise and walk

My child he did whisper
My sweet child the time has come
Your home is ready
Come now and see

The family now is gathering
Hurry now is the call come home
I am waiting child
Come now up
Take your crown
Your race is donefor the birds 016


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