Think About It!!

Will this make the gangs any less violent? Here is a thought: police knowing of the gangs intended crime spree stop and try to arrest known gang members. there is a fight all caught on film of course. police are charged with excessive force law suits ensue. the neighborhood’s where the gangs are violence filled for they are protected by the people who live there. they hate the law more than the gang. perhaps to get their aid the drug money should be used as an incentive a reward. arresting them costs millions and millions.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

LA get this threat..

Gang contest to murder 100 people in 100 nights cripples Los Angeles….

And their City Council in their infinite ‘wisdom’,

does this..

Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to make it illegal to be in possession of high-capacity ammo magazines, likely setting up a new Second Amendment battle in the Golden State.

Makes sense…

I am sure the gang bangers will be all for it!!

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