What? What a Joke!!!

awarded the prize for his role in the destruction of the America he and his wife, their party and their cohort’s in the brotherhood see as evil. Yes he gave general aid to terrorist in Egypt Libya Syria and fostered an idea that Israel was some how a villain and a terror organization rather than a democratic law abiding nation due all rights as stated in the UN charter. What is noble in a prize given for half truth and in support of all men’s freedom is a farce and I can see nothing noble in any of it.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

For what?

With the Nobel Institutes selection, President Obama becomes the third man ever to win a Nobel Prize more than one time. He joins legendary physicist John Bardeen and brilliant chemist Fredrick Sanger, who were each awarded two Nobels in their respective fields.

Source: Obama To Receive Second Nobel Peace Prize – USAToday

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