We hear the cry

Once again a city is distressed its people are executed by men they received in friendship. A people in dire need of their nation’s aid. Their pity did not give rise to thankfulness in some with-in the community for they used the good will of the people as a tool to bring their hate, their anger, their intense rage in silence with them. The terror which now erupts with violence, destruction, is a vile evil fueled by rage. They claim their faith this god they call allah has justified their committing the heinous acts. Yes, they claim this is retribution their acts of justice for the past, present, and future wrongs done to them, by the people in the west not a part of Islam. The cry of jihad is heard now again in European cities by Arabs and those who we now call homegrown sympathizers. These of a faith of vengeance a faith which supports murder overlook, that they themselves are murdering innocent people. That with their acts are doing what they claim to hate and more in others. They now justify they claim its gods will and yes they cry vengeance is a holy act. They forget oh yes they reject that if all people are the in the same, that we all serve the same god, they in effect are committing murder of their brothers. Yet they reject by acts of violence so we all sink few swim and more of our liberty drown together.On fiery waves of foam filled blue so gray so dark, safely sailed the ark
This is cancer we can call by the name of jihad a tool of men. A tool to justify revenge against those with whom they disagree. It has overwhelmed many nations causing civil war and untold murder with destruction. War without end leaving children orphaned women widowed simply put families broken. Causing men who live in other nations to assume one of the many hyphenations thus bring divisions, thus fueling rage, dissent, along with all forms of violence. When a house divides when a people allow violence against one group because of a difference in skin tones, or color shape of one’s eyes, ones style of religion, ones dress and so on. When you fixate on differences and not what makes people the same you lose much. One cannot judge a book by the outer cover for when one assumes that the outside is what defines the inside the house will fall.
We live in a world where men of evil have taken control and use their powers to justify act of war called them defensive movements. It is only when moral men and women stand up to say stop that we have any form of peace.



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