People Lacking Compassion: are even now forming the new world order

Today if I say to you I honor Jesus who is the Christ as the living son of the most high, well I am ridiculed. If I say or ask why is it wrong to display the ten, well again from the PLC I am deluged with separation  church and state, This argument wins out because of national ignorance and apathy, but also because the majority who say they are followers are in fact not. They are simply filling a seat going through the motions and God forbid they should stand and say I believe in the one true God. For saying that is not PLC. lisas-sunset.jpg
Being anything but Jewish or Christian is fine it is applauded, but these two. So the following is my tirade on or in part about the People Lacking Compassion.

One of the many wonders of our modern age is the neo political group called the PLC. They take pride in what to them is their elitism, their superior reasoning, which sadly for those who do not accept it comes of the many humanist, Atheistic, agnostics and their seemly well received wisdom of our age found now in the socially accepted psycho babel or what is called by some its wordy double talk. The PLC extends it expounds upon the idea that all are victims. This makes hate socially acceptable and seeking to expunge hate one defines it in wider and more far reaching blurred terms which they define, claiming present laws are misguided, So upon the twenty first century twisted logic which was founded in the twentieth on that of the Fascist, Marist we are facing a the mixed up immoral reasoning; that lends its self to this seemingly ultra-modern free will, diversified society, we are now faced with. In fact it is one where freedom of religion, freedom to gather, and freedom to speak openly are being limited for what is called our own good for it is for our protection that the PLC are pushing forward,
Our new society like that Neches dream, or formed along Darwin’s logic of the purity of species which Hitler saw in eugenics and Marx saw in a proletariat made of a superior pure race and its restraints it rule of order over the worker.
Listen carefully to the ways of the new man, who thinks himself as being oh so wise. Holding high his newly defined reasoning and how it plays to the inner conceit of him and his fellows. He outlines the war to be fought against those who disagree with the PLC. He speaks about the necessity of having one or two antagonist for everyone loves to hate and one can make a villain of anyone and the appearance of being an underdog which will help swell the ranks of PLC.
One who listens will learn what lay behind the why or how of this new age PLC.
The past can define the future for as it is written by the teacher of righteousness so long ago it’s all folly and all for not for there is nothing that has not been done before, it’s all happened before, and it will all happen again. Why, because man’s memory is short like a wisp of smoke it is come and gone. .
For in this great age of reasoning the PLC claims only government can save man from himself. Yes, the ideas found within the PLC say bigger more forceful power must be given to government. One may ask or one, may see that hidden within it PLC is the old seeds of segregation, separation and social divisions with its new reboot of racial hate. All of this thanks to the hyphenation generations. The more a people are divided they become that much easier to control. If a people a nation do not have a common language, faith, or goal for without that binding unity of cause they can be ever so easily manipulated into following the new master race. Once to be an ardent follower of PLC one would have been seen as politically incorrect; a threat to our Republic and our democratic form of government, but they now claim the moral high ground of self-righteous piety. For the modern movement of PLC has been refashioned into a new unholy union. For with PLC racism of superiority of one through its quietly held belief in eugenics has gained it a radical new position. For racism and eugenics are part and parcel and as such are a weapon welded against those who are promised help. Yes, PLC targets the poor, the destitute, and the young of minority races for it is now a tool which can be used to silence and justify the evil that is done. Yes, under PLC evil is done and is called good. What was once good is now made to be evil.
PLC is underground no longer, this not so silent diverse group, which holds this deadly hidden hate has for some time been taking aim at our civil rights. The right to worship freely has come under attack, our right of free speech and free assembly are being infringed upon under the guise of safety and finally the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. Is attacked by the left by liberating liberals. For the aloofness found in the PLC its practitioner have no shame. For they feel that the people should allow them to look upon them as needy; always in need of care as if the people were but children; incapable of making choices for themselves. Now as always the PLC peer intently into the foggy mirror of self-pride without shame this allows them to justify their actions as see them as act of social piety, claiming always they of the PLC have a far superior way of thinking on race, social values, and the moral character of the society.
These people lacking compassion are the PLC; they are an elite group who have taken God out and have stripped him down fashioned him into an entity more acceptable to worldly man with nothing called sin to be seen. They choose to say eat drink and make merry for tomorrow one may die……………
The movement began on many fronts in many forms all melding together slowly….Planned Parenthood was an outgrowth of eugenics embraced by many of the segregationists of the day, Its founder found support in the KKK the American Nazi movement for and to all who felt white elitism was the way.


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