What About Slavery In The Bible?

Few will agree for anti-Semitism and anti-Christian sentiment are so prevalent today. It seems it is better to incite hate anger and rage over Love compassion and empathy. Today we seem to enjoy the idea of shame blame and defame. We do not seek love mercy and hope.

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

Q:What About Slavery In The Bible

The argument can be summed up in this way, “does the bible endorse slavery? If so, isn’t that an indictment against God’s perfect moral character? Therefore, the God of the bible cannot both: endorse slavery and be moral.” Let’s see if the bible “endorses” slavery and what the bible means when using the term, “slavery.”

Isn’t All Slavery The Same

The slavery often pictured is antebellum (prewar) slavery, of which the American variation was the vilest. In the ancient world (and beyond), Chattel (or property) slavery had three characteristics:

  • A slave was property
  • The slave owner’s rights over the slave’s person and work were total and absolute.
  • The slave was stripped of his identity -racial, familial, social, material.1 2

Consider these two contemporary quotes that closely resemble this view of slavery:

“The legal power of the master amounts to an absolute despotism over body and…

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