PLC a danger to our freedom

People Lacking Compassion
People Lacking Compassion all seem to have this quirk in them; they have an impetuous style. They extrude in manner speech a life style with an air of the superior. They give, no display in way an impression of care yet which has no empathy. For in reality they have pity or be it pride for no one save themselves, but they have a passion a desire for control of others even among themselves and that is a fact. Their compassion is their passion; it’s been for some time the fashionable idea that they express sympathy for the down trodden and mouth the words of unity we care we feel we know the pain. For their ideas state a way of life and the ideals they express are not for them, but for the control of their fellow man who they feel are beneath them in so many ways.
The people that we speak of lacking in compassion do the following so listen read and hear then look and see:
We hear if we listen carefully the PLC always accusing others of the very faults, mistakes, and blunders they themselves so often in their way do make. Please hear listen and read my words; listen now my friends. If one who is of the PLC persuasion or as one may say the inner circle of prevision, of self-grandeur are never wrong for the never will admit they have done anything that can be proven. But then again they are never really held to account unless forced to by comprise; so even then they seem to be even in a criminal act half way right. So they stand firmly on the left; embracing all things of the liberating liberals or better stated the ways and means of the Socialist in their sphere; following in oh so many respects the self-same political manifestos of Lenin, Marx, and Stalin for the controlling of the masses; so what is truth for them? Well looking back at the Socialist experiment with the enslavement of the people and knowing this that the past repeats so this may then be the truth of their ideals.
Those of the PLC claim in their holy verbal speech to so tolerant, but truth be told or if only one would truly see open an ear to hear or look into their eyes to see the darkness of the soul; they have an all abiding intolerance for those who disagree with them. Yes, it seems they do this while claiming loudly as prideful man will do; that they tolerate everyone. Yes they are so tolerant, but why the anger at the Christian, the distain for the Jew and the state of Israel or the deep set desire to control the peoples they inherently feel are inferior to themselves. They view the masses as inferior, needing their guidance and their permission to decide. Yes, the people of the elite décor; the educated PLC see the world outside and seek to take away the freedom of choice, to silence one free speech and the ability to gather and protest.
The PLC fill their sphere with their desire to control as the Romans did so long ago supported by the new church that is filled with a mix of spurious peoples. Who are to them the vilest for they are equated with the inferior and seen as evil in its vilest of human forms? Yes you may say the PLC view anyone beyond their sphere as vermin, these the less fortunate who are inferior to the mighty of the PLC were once chattel slaves bond servants. It is so wondrous we have progressed beyond such thinking. Or have we? If one were to say as some have done that responsibility and self-worth were ideals that one should strive for. Now have we not seen the PLC pop a knot to cut the responsibility group to shreds? The PLC do have a fit; for in their view no one need to be responsible when there are so many one can blame for what one does. In so doing one can there by escape the guilt of the repressive moral idea of guilt and self-loathing. If a person of the PLC commits a crime it is heralded as a virtue, as it was in the time of the Empire of Cesare and Senate.
Now one will hear the PLC speak boldly of being tolerant of all, however one can see they hold a special dislike for anyone who disagrees with them. Specifically those who are not as astute as they or those who so little money. These PLC hold a view that these conservative Christians, republicans are inferior because of defect in mind, social standing or their birth order. Many thanks to racial placement are ever in need of guidance from the more superior PLC social elites. So these the lesser educated unrefined born of the lowly must be watched must be cared for by those of higher social standing. The elite of society is born to lead, to rule, and guide; for sadly the inferior of the world cannot make the proper choices for themselves. So these the elite are in many ways the most intolerant of all. They pick out one or two then to form a coalition of unity blame them for the world’s woes citing how and why the differences must be noted and to justify the higher social hate anger and it inherent rage..

sunflower and rose 005

a rose is a rose no matter what the name, enslavement and tryannie can be covered but they never really change.


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