Choices that we make

Thin skin leads to sin
Rage a sign of our age

This is a response to those with skin, so thin, with minds so calloused they cannot seek to find love, those so sad that words offend, those who live to hate, for they have not a true understanding of love. Those who wait like tightly wound springs in anticipation of the word, any word they can cling to so that they can yell and scream racist; all to get their twenty minutes of twitter Ingram and other fame. Those who never learned the true definition of God’s love; those awash in a world of lust and selfishness for sadly our children today grow up angry, they are taught the anger, hate, and mistrust of the past. They do not have the social skills necessary to settle a dispute; they must be told and controlled for they have not the proper skills to truly love forgive and set aside anger hate and rage… They were not taught by parents to respect themselves and others somewhere somehow they missed the simple moral code of do not lie do not steal do not envy or be jealous honor your parents respect your community respect your spouse; they are taught however that violence against others and their property is the right thing. After their rage dies down then they will seek governmental mediation, but in all of this they point to others as the cause never taking responsibility for what they choose to do. For all the ills they think they suffer are brought on them by others and they have no responsibility for their action or the outcome of those actions.
No matter who you are, where you live; this applies to all of us, to our nation as a whole yes, even the humanist atheist Wick one and all. However many will say I go to church; I pray, I give. Here my friend is the problem we lost God yes friends even in the churches. Someone in the name of separation took the national moral code away or rather because they found a name offensive they sought to remove Jesus from our national conscience in nineteen 60; the reason it offended someone. And now almost sixty years later we hear almost daily how someone is offended by this word or that word. We have books banned because of a word we are censoring our history because of this word or emblem; we are losing our identity to the proposition that unity diversity and peace means the deletion of our mistakes our offenses; so will our nation be better. Perhaps all the people should read 1984. It is happening now and we do not see it. When we cannot look upon our past and understand it as our past, that human beings make mistakes, and in empathy compassion, simply understand and accept them as they are then move forward for that is the only way to avoid them again. Think of Germany Italy Russia as examples. They erased God they made state and state only God father mother sister brother, we are running headlong into that here and now.
Today people look for things to be offended by, even now you my reader may be offended by me. My apology but listen read carefully: Jews, the disabled, the mentally ill, Gypsies, and many others were made out to be evil the cause of social ills
I could write pages on pages of the names I was called in my youth, the names I have been called as a young adult, and which I am still called in my old age; I was bullied and I still am in many ways for my faith in Jesus who is the Christ. However I have learned over time to love the insults; to endure to embrace and wear them as badges of honor and I will for as long as I live. Once we taught the young that sticks and stones can break bone, but names can never hurt you, a post script was only or unless you chose to let them and so today I offer up what the new age child has learned in our divisional separations generation. For now for any offense real or perceived: its guns and knives will put them down; so listen for the offense hear what the cracker says; then put him down for if the man does speak any word you do not like, crack down on him for he will hurt you; so use anything to be offended; to justify your anger rage and hate, for you need to choose, do not forgive but remember the hate embrace your anger for everyone wants to hurt you, use you, and abuse you. This is the mind-set of an angry generation who has lost God and the moral code.
Children once they come of age learn this and accept it, then they embrace the anger of their parents, at home they emulate the hate then take it out and like a virus it spreads. But there is hope for a few who do not see color which mankind calls race. These few simply love to live and live to love. To them the past is what we learn from not a jumping point for generational hate the renewal rage and the associated anger.
In the new world of separation, diversity, this new me myself and I; along with the hyper- sensitive feelings which says look for seek out and embrace the anger. Which calls men and women to look for any way to glorify the hate and justify all you can by using simple words like racist cracker honky chink Spock pick one pick all ignorance knows no bounds. However I must say I heard these words and many others in my youth as I walked in ,worked in, and lived in places where one would not expect.


the word of the lost the angry  the person who lives to hate

I met a man back in my youth who taught me something which I shall share, this man of God said this: A racist dwells in side all Peoples; whether they be European, African, Asian to name a few. He stated it’s the fool who will not see or accept or understand this. A racist looks for something to hate; anything yes son any reason to justify their anger jealousy and envy when they have so much. Racism is a strange bed fellow of a fool for in today’s world it is a tool to silence to destroy. Racism this word does not mean what it once did; it is now a word used to incite to justify anger and hate. The man he said hate will end when man looks left and right forward and back and see only his brother or his sisters not a color shape of an eye or hears no accent. The ability to stop is found in forgiveness to live as God teaches us. God does not say seek revenge. God asks us to see a human race of people. To love our fellow-man as we so love ourselves.
This has taken me many years to fully grasp 45 plus and this after many years of study; perhaps the young if they read this will say the old boy is crazy he has seen to many movies on TV.



I know your new here and those people like you but here’s the rules,I am the top cat and your the dog,see..

Now Satan looks out on a world of people who he rules, owns, and he want them to be angry, to seek to hate, then he lights a fuse. Satan has the world and mankind in his grip ever since Adam gave him the keys.
This man called himself many things husband, father, brother, some said he was a wise man, and preacher. To me he was my friend. Oh and for the sake of those who must have a color he was the finest most upright man I had ever known at the time…………..many today ask how to stop the hate. The answer is in front of you it is so very simple: stop looking for things to hate. Do not let words hurt, let them slide, let them go. It is called forgiveness. When you can forgive you can live, live your life to forgive; live to give; it is an awesome way of life. If you are fixed on a word a color a time then you limit the world and yourself. A great man once said I see a time when all God’s children will stand hand in hand together in peace and harmony; so what I see is people, I see children falling in love, older people doing like ways, but for all the good there exist Satan and those who ascribe to his ways of anger hate and rage.

In that venue I present to you a way to peace and harmony For God is love found; all in one word: Agape it comes from Jesus, he who is the Christ and the Father: In the way of simplicity Jesus asked peter three times do you love me; each time using a different form of the word love. To simplify one form was general covering our love of the world, one was for human love of family which like the other can bring on jealousy envy hate, but the last was for the spirit minded it is all embracing, all giving, all forgiving; it is love unconditional.
Agape is a love few men and women want to grasp, but I proud to say I have met a few. Sadly I myself need much more work to achieve this love, but I promised my brother and my Father that I would try by speaking this then is my race to achieve the prize so many will ridicule. God says it simply to us all like this: I will forgive you all that you forgive, but what you retain what you hold on to shall be retained also against you.
Please Stop and listen my friend do you forgive? Then add or say I can or won’t forget? Why must you keep back and hold onto your anger the hurt and pain? Your Father and your Brother say forgive and as you so do so shall they. You sin, your hurt, your pain the tears wiped away, but the sin will be cast as far as the east is from the west. But if you retain one or two then your chains hold fast. So forgive to live; as Christ forgave for he went into the grave and came to life so as to save all who would believe in him. Agape means empathy, sympathy, compassion and more. It is if you so choose unconditional no chains no tears no fear. In it you are a new born child of God; held and loved a new being. You belong to a new family one which sees you and nothing else. I ask many people to close their eyes and look; now what do you see? God forgives all who believe with no conditions, no strings. Forgiveness mean freedom from the past. Agape means defines this freedom. His children must do the same accept and spread AGAPE for it is unconditional; the only strings come from us they either bind or free us. If you have strings then you have or are still bound.
In the end I ask you to look at yourself how you live and remember your Father and Brother are watching you, waiting for you. Thank you for your time May God Bless you and keep you.

lighted dove



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