Trump my thoughts: must I apologize because I can not hate anyone and yet I am hated and said to one who hates

Did ya see it? Did you think it?  Did it surprise you? I was not, I was hopeful; right or wrong we got what so many sought so long ago CHANGE. The national media was in shock the disbelief written all over their faces. Still they look for ways make comments in meager attempts to dissuade supporters of President Trump. Their comments about his supporters about the crowds show their ignorance and so many respects their support for their party and candidate . They speak of how unfair the electoral college is, how the other had more votes. What they miss what they do not tell the people is that without the electoral college we would be a nation ruled by the large states controlled by on party. That evil thing our founders set up insures that all people would be heard have a say and we would not become a one party state. WE should thank God for their foresight and good sense for if not for the electoral college California New York Washington and a few others would lord their ideals over the whole nation.


I was never a Red Neck, but I am grateful I live in a state where they were active and some say born. Born of coal miners who were oppressed by liberals or democratic leaders supporting coal . I do not wear caps , but to prove a point that I can think, that I do not hate anyone, but that my faith my lord Jesus says I should love, respect, and render aid to my fellow man or woman; no matter who they are. I am  amazed that liberals progressives democrats justify the ravaging pillaging and the theft or burning others property because my choice lost. Because of these I will then gladly don a red cap, or bandanna. The media moguls insulted so many of us saying we were hairy red neck bikers. I may be hairy but I no longer ride a bike but I respect those who do. When they spoke of the Midwest the distain and repulsion was dripping from their lips. I did and do live in the rust belt as these media moguls called it but none would say why none would say it was caused by the over taxation the regulation imposed the deals made so other nation could thrive while we fell into want. Yes, the party that has told the people for so long it has their best intrest in mind has destroyed by our nation by their apathy. Oh we should as they say thank them yes, the Democratic liberal progressive says it is our greed that has done all this.

Yet who has the money who is rich who points the finger and who raises their finger at the legal system?

If President does only two things he has promised he will have done more that any other recent leader. G.W. told us the war on terror would last ten fifteen years or more we the people said go for it. We can not eradicate Muslim hate anger and rage for they hate anyone who supports Israel. They hate Jews they are raised on the idea of hating. They see hate as a virtue it binds them. Yet conservatives do not hate Jews or Muslims. WE look on in amazement as the Jewish people are victimized with rocket attacks suicide bombers.

I bring all this up because our President Trump will have to be patient as Job and display the wisdom of Solomon.






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