building a new home from so many parts

Found here is a small tribute to pappy; who choose to be my Dad and his Father. also to my Father; who could not be my Dad.

 However a few years ago he asked to be forgiven for not once being there. I knew of him I knew of my other grandmother. For my grandma Elsie had told when I was very young. He has raised four sons and a beautiful Daughter and has allowed me to know them,  so what must be forgiven? Nothing on my part at all.

 Guilt is a thing that preys upon man; things he has not done, so many he has left undone, those he dreamed to do, then we have the promises that were broken and whites lies we once told.  A mind so filled makes one old while still so young it takes the joy out of the day it darkens the light that should be so bright.


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