Children ask the questions Parents have the line:

Children ask the question

Parents have the lines:



Daddy’s gone away today


When will he come back?


Mommy we will miss him

Why; did he have to go?


My children listen to me now

Daddy he’s not gone


Look now at your own children

Look deeply in their eyes

Look around this room, you’ll see him

Look now in a mirror

For he is a part of everyone

He is right here


He gave to everyone of you

You’re Strength of will

You’re Trust in God

Simply said he taught you love

By this one small command

To Love your fellow man, as you do yourself


Daddy, Pappy, and dear Husband

Yes, brother and as son

He lived, he did his very best

Now has earned a rest

 Daddy’s gone but not his love

For in your hearts he lives on

People see him in always, when they look at you

As they see you live your lives

They always shall see him


But I remember an old story

Daddy told me once but now it has an ending:


I see him now as a small young boy

Running for a truck; dust a flying

His older brothers crying out

Hey, Davie hurry up


Yes, I see him running fast; for that old flat bed truck

And yes, this time he has caught it

I see him; he is looking back; smiling; grinning from ear to ear

 For his new life has just begun

He’s off too that old fishing hole   to have a little fun


Daddy has gone off fishing, later he’ll play golf

Our daddy he has earned a rest

God knows he was the best

That is why the angels came and took him home to rest

Peace and love he planted

And God knows

He did his best











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