Springs long gone

Summer passed us by

Fall just seemed to be

moving slowly on

winter night city lights

Winter came so slowly

First a light dusting of snow

Seems the longer of the season

 So short it is

 No one took notice

 never gave a thought


We went about our lives

Always knowing deep inside

You would always be there

No matter what would come

 You were alway’s there

Then you fell asleep

ever so slowly as we watched

Your last breath was a gasp

seeming a grasp at life

then it came out ever O so slowly

A look of peace tranquil sleep

came upon your pale haggered face

your race was done.

Rest now as we remember

wait for us

we miss you


 Once upon a time

When we were young

We held your hand

I remember this

A Calloused finger strong so firm

Like iron tempered oh so strong

Forged with love

So large


Never raised your hand in anger

Never did we fear your words

Firm when we were wrong

One finger said it all


As children

Your words were law

One finger said so much

Silence as I speak to you

When your finger touched the lip

listen to my words

Now that hand is gone

those strong fingers silenced

As are your words 


They passed away so long ago,

When more  can I say

Perhaps it was in the early fall

Does it matter now?

The hand of silence

the words you spoke

You passed along,

To every one of us

The finger to the lips

The quiet firm old silent look

Came into our homes so they live






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